Storks deliver Babies & Ethereum!

The CryptoBabies are almost here! We’re excited to see what the stork will bring! What will your baby look like? How rare will it be? The excitement is growing! Just a few days left until you can mint your very own CryptoBaby!

CryptoBabies “Make-A-Baby Contest”

Baby-Making begins on 12–12–21. Anyone with an Ethereum or Polygon L2 wallet can go to and start making babies!

From the launch on 12–12–21 until 1–12–22 - 12:00 GMT. New parents minting a baby are automatically entered into the Make-A-Baby contest.

CryptoBabies — Make-A-Baby Contest Prizes:

(~220 ETH in prizes!)

  • Highest 5 Rarity Scores on Polygon & Ethereum — Win up to 5 ETH!
  • Make a GODLIKE Baby — Win 0.25 ETH!
  • Rarity Score >400 — Win 0.20 ETH!
  • Make a LEGENDARY Baby — Win 0.15 ETH!
  • Specials — Twins, Sepia, Negative, Greyscale — Win 0.25 ETH!
  • Full crib gas rebate — 0.25 ETH gas rebate. (Ethereum chain only)

*See official rules below.

CryptoBabies start minting on 12–12–21, the babies will launch on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon L2. The contracts have already been deployed and verified.


That means there will only exist babies that have been minted by a parent. There IS NO large drop of pre-made babies to Opensea or Rarible.

To Mint a Baby go to the Official App:

What will your Baby Look like?

Based on the CryptoBabies Genesis DNA Pool, a simulated 50,000 babies would produce the following Rarity distribution.

CryptoBabies are all unique and can be quite different, even though they are all similar.
The result of 50,000 random baby births by Rarity Type
The result of 50,000 random baby births by Rarity Score
The odds of the getting different Rarity traits in 50,000 test babies

Babies are assigned Rarity Scores based on the Rarity of specific features.

Similar rarity score and distribution numbers should be expected from the official contracts using the same Providence Hash.

CryptoBabies Genesis Mint starts on 12–12–21!

Polygon Mint Price — 75 MATIC + Gas Fees

  • Gas fees are much cheaper on the Polygon network

Ethereum Mint Price — 0.05 ETH + Gas Fees

Ethereum fees can be very high, pay attention to your timing!

Watch out for Scams & Scammers!

Scams are prevalent around launches! Be vigilant, always double check!

Use the official links and contract addresses!


Mint from our official website at

We will not DM you, we will not Message you about a pre-sale or other minting method.

The ONLY WAY TO MINT BABIES is to mint them at

Official Contest Rules:

Good luck! — Go Make some Babies!!!




CryptoBabies are Unique, Cute, Collectable, Baby NFTs!

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CryptoBabies are Unique, Cute, Collectable, Baby NFTs!